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WP0 Dissemination and network activity

Dissemination is the key to our path to impact and will comprise two major strands:



WP0.1 Network: Sustainable innovation in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating (SIRACH)

Prof. Maidment (London South Bank University)

The i-STUTE Centre will include a major dissemination network based on a successful EPSRC funded network SIRAC (Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) chaired by Prof Maidment and expanded to include heating technology, energy storage and end user energy demand.

The new combined Network will become SIRACH (Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating) and will utilise much of the existing knowledge and resources developed by SIRAC which has currently 20 active academic partners and 400 industry partners. The aim of the SIRACH network is to increase the quantity, efficiency and quality of research and technology transfer in the industry sectors by raising the innovation level and encouraging the industry to take a more active involvement in academic research. SIRACH will improve communications between an increasing field of academics, and between academia and industry to facilitate the transfer of scientific innovation on the one hand and the industrial drivers on the other. It will raise the profile of the heating and cooling industry, showing its importance to the nation and providing a showcase for university research to industry, Government, the wider community and funding bodies. It will also provide a
central information hub for University R&D in this area and with industrial support provide a pathway by which important aspects can be brought to the attention of Government.

With its partners the IoR, ACHPI and the Heat Pump Association and Summit Skills (the sector skills council) it will work on a Skills Capability Development Programme identifying the new skills needed by installers and operators in the future. The Network will run three workshops per year in its proven format, known to attract SME and other industry participation. Through the network it will engage with other academics and the other EUED centres.


WP0.2 Policy briefings and BIT roadmaps

Prof. Eames (Loughborough University)

We will analyse the full range of heating, cooling and storage technologies in terms of maturity, viability, potential carbon savings availability, technology, business, infrastructure, policy, market readiness and commercial opportunity to enable technologies to be prioritised.

Different roadmaps will be produced covering domestic heating, retail energy use, thermal energy storage, low/medium temperature process heat, industrial and high temperature heat pumps, thermal transformers and storage. These will help direct and select the projects to be undertaken in Years 3-5 of the Centre.

It is anticipated that the road maps will adapt the techniques developed for the Carbon Trust used to map refrigeration technology under the Refrigeration Road Map.

Latest progress

Click here to view the latest update of the work carried out by our research team presented in our last Workshop in March 2018 at Loughborough University.

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